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News Articles ~ Worldwide

News Articles ~ Worldwide


As and when articles come up in the media mentioning 'Adenomyosis' particularly when they are sent in from Association members, information will be detailed on this page, giving us a chance to read more about each other's experiences.

I am very pleased to include a wonderful article from Rannveig Baevre who has spoken to KK magazine in Norway all about her battle with adenomyosis and how it has affected her plans to plan a family.


Below picture;
After one IVF attempt and a miscarriage, Rannveig still believes she’ll be a mom one day



"Want Children: “I’m longing to wake up at three o’clock in the morning to a crying baby.”

We’ve been together for three years when we suspected I might be pregnant. When this turned out not to be true, we sat down thinking. We love each other incredibly, we could see the future in each other – but we couldn’t see a future without children. We wanted a life that people see as boring; house, white picket fence, car and children. We wanted to see our child grow up, to get to know that person, to be a part of all those innocent and honest moments of having a child’s mind around.  

- Along with our desire to have children have grown, it’s became clear that I have adenomyosis, a form of endometriosis inside the uterine wall.

What started as pain during my period is today chronic pain in my lower abdomen. In, and the days around my period, the pain is horrendous. And intercourse, especially around the ovulation, is terrible painful. I accepted that we needed In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant. It was when I sat with the first hormone injection I realized that this was something we couldn’t do by ourselves. To get that injection was a teary affair. I got pregnant, but had a miscarriage. I took it really hard. Finally we had achieved what we wanted – and then it was torn away from us.

- I’m longing to wake up at three o’clock to a crying baby, to be the one that can help and give affection at that time. I’m longing after someone saying “mom, you are the only one that is allowed to help me with this”. Can you imagine that feeling of mother’s love? And, this might sound weird, but being able to see yourself, or the person you love – in another person – your child… I believe that you get attached in a different, maybe stronger way.  

- We still have a pretty good chance to have our own children, and all out focus is on that right now. Jan Kristian is more open to the adoption process than I am. This might one day be the answer to our prayers to have children, but for me, IVF is the way to go right now. We haven’t set a limit on how many attempts we are willing to go through yet.

- IVF is challenging on the relationship. The desire to have children is so deep in the both of us, so there are a lot of hurtful feelings. I’ve been close to giving up a lot of times. The awful pain in my lower abdomen gets worse by the hormone injections. Jan Kristian is patient. He accepts that I can’t do much around the house. He keeps a cool head when I’m hormonal and impossible to be around. The way he is down to earth, and supports me, helps me to handle the pain, and helps me to stand this whole process - tells me that his desire to have children in strong.
Now we are going to have another try at IVF. We have three eggs in the freezer at the hospital. A pregnancy will make my disease better, but will be back long with my period after the pregnancy is ended. The best thing to get rid of the pain is to surgically remove the uterus. I will do that one day, but not until I have children."

Rannveig Bævre (25)
Living with Jan Kristian. Occupation: children and youth worker.